Who we are

Women’s Health, Your Story, Our Mission

Hello and welcome to Mercuri, where your health is not just an appointment—it’s a lifelong journey, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. Founded by Dr Poobashni Govender, our clinic sprung from a simple yet profound realisation: women’s health deserves to be front and centre, not a side note in the medical textbook.
A voice for women

We don't wait for change; we are the change

It all started when Dr Govender saw first-hand the barriers that countless women face when navigating the public healthcare system. From long waiting times and rushed appointments to a lack of specialised care for many women’s health conditions, she knew something had to change. And thus, Mercuri was born, offering a sanctuary for women’s health and well-being in London.
All about you

Empowering YOU

Our clinic is not just a place to get medical advice—it’s a space for empowerment, learning, and self-discovery. That’s why we’re committed to not only diagnosing and treating but also educating you about your body, so you can take the reins of your own health.
Giving back

We rise by lifting each other

Here at Mercuri, we go beyond just providing excellent healthcare. We’re thrilled to announce that 10% of our profits directly fund initiatives aimed at empowering women and improving women’s health. Every appointment you make contributes to a mission much larger than us—it’s about elevating the well-being of women everywhere.