Mercuri Chat Fair Usage Policy


Company Name: Rainbow Diagnostics Ltd

Trading as: Mercuri Women’s Health


Messaging Volume and Time of Use


1. Hours of Operation: Mercuri Chat is available daily from 8am to 8pm. Our health practitioners are committed to responding to your queries within these operational hours.


2. Volume of Messages: To ensure equitable access to all users, we kindly request that you limit the frequency of messages. Our system monitors chat volume and, in instances of excessive use, we may intervene to maintain service quality for all users.


Service Scope and Disclaimer


1. Purpose of Mercuri Chat: The Mercuri Chat service is provided for educational, informational, and well-being purposes. Our aim is to empower women with the best health resources and tools, enabling them to make informed decisions about their health.


2. Nature of Advice: The advice offered via Mercuri Chat is intended to guide and inform but does not replace professional medical consultations with a Consultant Gynaecologist or a General Practitioner. Users are encouraged to seek face-to-face medical advice for comprehensive care.


3. Limitations of Service: While our practitioners may suggest over-the-counter treatments and blood tests based on your queries, it’s important to note that Mercuri Chat does not prescribe or offer specific medical treatments.


General Terms


1. Definitions: The term Health Practitioners’ includes Gynaecology Registrars, Gynaecology Specialist Doctors, Gynaecology Staff Grade Doctors and Gynecology Specialist Nurses.

2. Messaging Interaction: Engagement with our chat services connects you with available health practitioners. Specific practitioner availability is not guaranteed, and the allocation for chat sessions is randomised.


3. Information Submission and Use: Submitted information is used for service facilitation and internal purposes, including service improvements and marketing communications, with an opt-out option available.


4. Confidentiality and Privacy: We maintain strict confidentiality standards and safeguard your data in compliance with privacy laws.


5. Consent and Agreement: By using our services, you acknowledge and accept this policy, including information use for marketing.


6. Policy Updates: This policy is subject to periodic review and updates. Significant changes will be communicated to users.


We value your trust and are dedicated to providing a secure, respectful, and equitable chat service experience. For any queries or concerns regarding this policy, please contact our support team.