Empowering women with expert advice

Empowering women with expert advice

Your partner in Expert Consultations, Comprehensive Tests, and Trusted Advice
Your partner in Expert Consultations, Comprehensive Tests, and Trusted Advice
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Tailored Women’s Health Advice

Experience the convenience and expertise of our comprehensive online women’s health services. Our dedicated platform brings expert gynaecological care and support right to your fingertips.


Gain Access to chat advice from our expert Doctors


30-min video sessions with our Specialist Doctors and Nurses


Explore our range of Fertility and Women’s Health Tests

A voice for women

Women’s health doesn’t have to be complicated

Our healthcare professionals are specifically trained to listen and focus on patient centred care.  Too many women have had their symptoms dismissed in the past.  Women’s health shouldn’t be complicated because “women are complicated”.
Services Offered

Our Services

Pelvic Ultrasound

Access to scans at our partner sites across the UK.

Accessing our service

Women’s health is not a one-size fits all deal, so we have ensured that you can access help through different avenues.

Mercuri Chat

Feel like you constantly have questions about your health but find it difficult to approach doctors? That's completely fine, our online Gynae chat support is designed to provide you with a safe space to ask all the questions you need.

Mercuri on Repeat

This service allows you to see a Gynaecologist directly. Know what you need ? No problem, book onto the service that fits your needs. No questions asked. No referral required.

Mercuri Once Over

Take our Online Health Assessment to help you get closer to a diagnosis. Once our algorithm has made your personal recommendations, you’re free to book your investigations and follow-up in our specialised Gynae clinics.
Online Health Assessment → Blood Tests & Scan → Consultation

Need Help?

Get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

Let’s Talk Pricing

At Mercuri Health, we are very transparent about what you get for your money.  We ensure that all recommendations are for Medical reasons and not for commercial ones. This is our pledge to you.

Mercuri Chat

£ 39 Monthly
  • Chat with a Women's Health Doctor to unpack your symptoms to understand your body further.

Mercuri Once Over

£ 499 Fixed Price
  • Insurance Approved
  • Pay in 3 with Ottimo
  • Online health assessment, blood tests, scan and in-person or virtual Specialist consultation.

Mercuri on Repeat

£ 99 Monthly
  • Membership includes Chat Support, GP Consultations, Gynae Consultations, blood tests and scans.

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